In 2004, Champion Brands, LLC gained the rights to license Federal Mogul's internationally recognized red and black Bow-Tie logo on our newly developed chemical line. The Champion® Performance Additives product line was created to help consumers address specific automotive power, performance and protection needs. Champion® Performance Additives continue to increase in popularity and have been established as a national brand.
Champion® Fuel Injector Cleaner
Part #4901K
Octane Booster
Part #4952I
Champion®Truck/SUV Fuel Injector Cleaner
Part #4954I
Champion® Complete Fuel System Cleaner
Part #4951I
Champion® Engine Protectant Oil Treatment
Part #4953I
Champion® Multi-Purpose Chain Lube
Part #4998I
Champion® Power Steering Fluid
Part #4900K

ISO 9001:2008 SEMA PWA Champion Brands - GSA
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